Cummins QC5200 Features:
QC5200 handheld computer runs Windows® CE operating system
QC5200 handheld computer has an integrated INLINE 5 adapter and supports SAE J1939 and J1708/J1587 data links
QC5200 handheld computer contains a 3.5" color QVGA touch-sensitive LCD, 20-key keypad, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
PowerSpec CE reads and directly edits Cummins engine configuration settings(note that this adjustment capability does not exist in Australia and New Zealand)
PowerSpec CE transfers a HotSpec created by the PowerSpec PC application to your Cummins engine
PowerSpec CE reads active and inactive faults
PowerSpec CE clears inactive faults
PowerSpec CE reads and resets vehicle trip data
QuickCheck CE reads electronic engine and vehicle subsystem data
QuickCheck CE reads engine/vehicle operating parameters
QuickCheck CE reads and stores active and inactive faults
QuickCheck CE reads and stores dataplate information
Stored information on the QC5200 handheld computer can be downloaded to a PC with an ActiveSync® operation
Operating parameters displayed by QuickCheck CE can be changed using QC Configurator
QC5200 handheld computer meets Cummins and CE light industrial environmental test requirements

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