ICC is a world's first immobilizer PIN code & mechanical KEY code calculator. Major features:
ICC supports more than 50 of secret algorithms used in car immobilizers made by Siemens, Bosch, Sagem, Delphi, Melco, Denso, Calsonic Kansei, Johnson Controls, TRW, Valeo, Magneti Marelli, Megamos, Temic, Lucas, Texton and others.
ICC can calculate PIN code by VIN, serial number of immobilizer, related electronic unit, outcode, crypted code or eeprom dump for over 700 vehicle models; in addition - mechanical KEY cutting code by VIN for many of the models.
ICC can works as standalone application - via simple GUI, or you can use ICC dongle in your own projects for calculating immobilizer PIN codes such as web/wap/sms servers, client-server applications or anything else.
ICC dongle is based on most secure EAL5+ certified Smart Card chip and operates in USB HID mode - drivers are not required for Operating Systems with HID support, such as Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS and others.
ICC dongle is a remote updatable, new immobilizer code calculation algorithms and KEY cutting codes will be added to dongle through internet free of charge - six months of free updates are included in the set. You can extend period of updates for 6, 12 months or even lifetime from any date.
ICC have no expiration period, internet access is not required and no limits of codes calculations. For security reasons users are not allowed to calculate more than 25 codes per day. This is well enough to serve at least 5 workshops.
ICC is approved by Advanced Diagnostics Ltd., many other manufacturers of diagnostic equipment and hundreds of automotive locksmiths

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