Vediamo - the distributed diagnostic application for engines (Verteilte Diagnose Anwendung für Motoren) - is a software system for electronic control unit (ECU) diagnostics which is integrated in the CAESAR/DIOGENES process chain. It allows diagnostics on any ECU over K-line as well as CAN, and encompasses all established protocols from RTMD+, MBISO, KWFB, KW2000 to UDS. Despite its name, Vediamo is no longer limited only to engine ECUs.
Vediamo is based on the Mercedes-Benz DCDI standard communication platform CAESAR and hence supports all communication hardware such as, e.g., Part C, Part A, Part Y, etc. DIOGENES data, used by all diagnostics applications in the company and which can be drawn from the central TAMINO data base, can be used as diagnostics data.
Future versions of Vediamo will be set up on the CAESAR server (ASAM standard) developed by GSP/TDE and will also support the ODX diagnostics data format.
The implemented client server architecture allows, among other things:
distributed diagnostics with multiple, simultaneous special client applications, e.g., test run control over PSR adapter while simultaneously verifying with Ecoute
Expansion of the system by addition clients,
Diagnostics, coding, or flashing of multiple ECUs simultaneously
What It Can Do
Vediamo originally had two user groups in mind: Development and Production.
The system configuration is used to adapt the available ECUs to the user's specific requirements, e.g., by selecting the standard connector, integration of automatically executed initialization services, selection of selected services from a longer list, and much more.
The architecture of the system allows it to be expanded easily by additional functionalities and even complete applications. This is done primarily using Java programs, for which Vediamo possesses a simple yet comprehensive connection, encompassing all ECU functions. Even users with limited programming skills in the standard language Java can develop their own applications. Generally applicable functions can subsequently be integrated in the clients by the Vediamo developers (e.g., graphic measurement display or the quick test) or be developed as new DCOM clients.
The Ecoute client allows interactive access to all available functionalities of one or multiple ECUs using numerous specialized tools. E.g., access to all available services is possible, windows can be customized with a selection of different types of services which can be executed once or periodically; all communication parameters can be modified, any request messages can be sent to the ECU, and all data streams, procedures and events can be logged in many specialized formats.
The test bench controller (PSR) adapter as well as the UVI (Unipas-Vediamo Interface) allows automatic testing without requiring manual changes in the software. The complete test run is controlled by the test stand controller, which the Vediamo diagnostic server provides with all the data necessary to control the test runs and evaluate their results. In order to relieve the test software of diagnostic know-how, the Vediamo clients' TS adapters and UVI have very simple interfaces, tailored to the needs of the test stand, which allow effective access to the diagnostic data over a serial line or network connection.
The RPM speed regulator (DGR) is a further specialized client which automates the tracking of RPM and speed curves (e.g., for exhaust measurements) on roller test benches.
The flash station allows automated flashing of ECUs

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