The Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) is GM’s ® new interface for wireless J2534 reprogramming. It is a compact communication module that manages the transfer of data between a vehicle’s on-board ECU network and a PC. There are three methods for connecting the MDI to a laptop or PC for service programming and diagnostics: using the USB cable; using the Ethernet cable; or wirelessly. 
The MDI provides significant hardware upgrades over the Tech 2 making it much faster at diagnostic. It is also required for certain 2010 and newer GM ® vehicles including the Chevrolet ® Camaro. Each year, GM ® adds to the list of vehicles which require the MDI for reprogramming and diagnostics. The MDI also provides full coverage for all vehicles supported by the Tech 2. 
Kit Contents (P/N: 7001055G / F-00K-108-322 / EL-47955): 
· Multiple Diagnostic Interface (MDI) (P/N: 03000216 / 03000210) 
· Ethernet Cable (P/N: 03000214) 
· USB Cable (P/N: 03000213) 
· Cable Keeper (P/N: 03000215) 
· A/C 12V Adapter (P/N: 03000229 / 03000212) 
· Data Link Connector Cable - J1962 (P/N: 03000211)

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