The Mongoose JLR is the OEM diagnostic tool for Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles. It is compatible with the Jaguar and Land Rover OEM software for diagnostic and flash reprogramming. It also supports a wide variety of protocols making it a very versatile tool. 
The Mongoose JLR connects the vehicles OBD II connector to a computers USB port. Using integrated circuitry, the Mongoose JLR supports a wide variety of functions including: reading and clearing Diagnostic Trouble Codes; running active and utility tests; data monitoring; and reprogramming. The combination of all these capabilities into a cost effective and portable interface makes the Mongoose JLR an ideal tool for Jaguar and Land Rover technician. 
· Read & Clear DTCs 
· Run Active & Utility Tests 
· Monitor Live Data 
· Supports ISO 15765, ISO 14229, GMLAN, J1939, J2534 & 
J2534-1 protocols

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