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Ultimate Solution, a custom developed diagnostic solution, provides experienced technicians with ALL OEM diagnostic capabilities found at BMW dealerships.




This includes the ability to:


  • Flash each module individually;
  • Perform manual coding;
  • Change VIN and vehicle order;
  • Override video restrictions;
  • Disable seatbelt warnings and seat occupancy;
  • Code used components.
  • Read and delete error code with “comprehensive explanation”
  • Acutation and Live Data

Ultimate Solution contains a COMPREHENSIVE database covering: service information; wiring diagrams; disassembly and maintenance instructions; expert advisor; and component location. Other functions include live data stream and actuation.

1 year free update.


Dell 630 or latest, 3 GB Memory, 500 GB HDD, 2 GHz, core2

As simple as that.

ULTIMATE SOLUTION(®)  & BVM Wizard(®) and many other developed softwares are produced by DataScan(®)
  • Included

    - Emulation module (v2).
    - Software for module programming.
    - Instructions and videos.
  • Innovative product with unique design and reliability.

    Lightweight with small form factor, Pb-Free produced.
    Works with keys, based on Motorola and NEC processors

  • ULTIMATE Solution new version 49.6 Programming

  • Mercedes Key Machine IR can do 204, 212 & 222