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Cummins QC5200 Features:

  • QC5200 handheld computer runs Windows® CE operating system
  • QC5200 handheld computer has an integrated INLINE 5 adapter and supports SAE J1939 and J1708/J1587 data links
  • QC5200 handheld computer contains a 3.5" color QVGA touch-sensitive LCD, 20-key keypad, and a rechargeable lithium ion battery pack
  • PowerSpec CE reads and directly edits Cummins engine configuration settings(note that this adjustment capability does not exist in Australia and New Zealand)
  • PowerSpec CE transfers a HotSpec created by the PowerSpec PC application to your Cummins engine
  • PowerSpec CE reads active and inactive faults
  • PowerSpec CE clears inactive faults
  • PowerSpec CE reads and resets vehicle trip data
  • QuickCheck CE reads electronic engine and vehicle subsystem data
  • QuickCheck CE reads engine/vehicle operating parameters
  • QuickCheck CE reads and stores active and inactive faults
  • QuickCheck CE reads and stores dataplate information
  • Stored information on the QC5200 handheld computer can be downloaded to a PC with an ActiveSync® operation
  • Operating parameters displayed by QuickCheck CE can be changed using QC Configurator
  • QC5200 handheld computer meets Cummins and CE light industrial environmental test requirements















QC5200 product kit (P/N 4919189) includes:

  • QC5200 handheld computer with battery pack (P/N 4919190)
  • QC5200 USB cable (P/N 4919536)
  • QC5200 AC power supply (P/N 4919535)
  • DB25F/9-pin data link cable (P/N 3165159)
  • DB25F/6-pin data link cable (P/N 3165160)
  • QC5200 (includes PowerSpec CE and QuickCheck CE with QC Configurator) software CD (P/N 4919193)
  • Storage case (P/N 4918713)


  • QC5200 replacement battery pack (P/N 4919734)


PowerSpec CE Screens:

Main Screen

  • Displays hot keys for Trip Information, Fault Codes, Read Feature Settings, Direct Engine Edit, and Transfer HotSpec screens
  • Note that direct engine edit adjustments are not possible in Australia and New Zealand
  • Menu bar and exit icon shown at top

Direct Engine Edit Screen

  • Displays editable dataplate information and engine configuration settings


  • Edit pop-up box is opened by tapping the Edit icon next to the parameter value
  • Note that direct engine edit adjustments are not possible in Australia and New Zealand

Read Feature Settings Screen

  • Displays engine configuration settings
  • Saves list of engine configuration settings as report
  • Retains last 10 reports

Trip Information Screen

  • Displays trip parameters
  • Trip data is savable to reports
  • Units can be converted to metric
  • Trip data can be reset

Fault Codes Screen

  • Displays active or inactive faults
  • Gives detailed fault information
  • Fault codes are savable to reports
  • Inactive faults can be reset

Transfer HotSpec Screen

  • Enables the transfer of HotSpecs created by PowerSpec PC from PowerSpec CE to the ECM


QuickCheck CE Screens:

Equipment Screen

  • Displays engine ID information
  • Can enter custom equipment ID
  • Includes total engine hours
  • Data is savable

Monitor Screen

  • Displays live sensor data
  • Parameters are selectable with QC Configurator
  • Data is not savable

Trip Screen

  • Displays accumulated trip totals
  • Data is savable

Fault Screen

  • Displays active or inactive faults
  • Gives detailed fault information
  • Data is savable